Teenage pregnancy research proposal paper ideas

Need to write a teenage pregnancy research proposal paper,but not sure what to write about?Teenage pregnancy is a problem that is caused by the differences in views on when it is acceptable for a teenage girl to get married and get pregnant in various cultures and countries.

We are used to thinking that girls acquire,so to say,their right to have a baby when they achieve their social maturity,which,to our Western mind,happens at the age of 18,more preferably 20-21,years old.However,the age and criteria of social maturity are not the same in different countries.So while people in Europe,for example,strongly believe that a 12-year old girl is old enough just to play dolls and watch cartoons,a girl of the same age in Niger can get married,and she,her parents or her husband won't be condemned by the public.

Girls achieve their sexual maturity at much younger age. They have their first menstruation at 12-14, so logically this is the time for pregnancy approved by the nature. So, why do we see it as a huge moral issue?

In developed countries pregnancy in teenage girls is considered to be a social issue, because the girls, that get pregnant at such a young age, are usually less educated and live in much poorer life conditions than their peers. Later on, lack of education results in inability or impossibility to find a good job to ensure normal living of the young mother and her child. As for developing countries, teenage girls usually give birth to babies being married already, so teenage pregnancy doesn't lead to social disapproval in this case.

Thus,the problem of teenage pregnancy has medical,social,psychological and other aspects,and this is the reason why this topic is so often researched.If you have a worthwhile research project in mind,to start it,you will probably have to write a convincing teenage pregnancy research proposal paper.And this can be a hard task,to do which many beginning researchers seeking help from professional teenage pregnancy research proposal paper writers.